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FiveTownsPrinting is the latest printing venture from Aryeh Markovich. Started in October 2011, Five Towns Printing is geared towards helping Not-for-Profits and local small businesses reach the Five Towns market and in addition to helping non-local companies reach this coveted market.

During his over 25 years’ experience, Mr. Markovich has started 2 other printing businesses: Marko Press and the still operational EyemarkMedia. Mr. Markovich has worked with an impressive list of clients including: JP Morgan Chase, NBA Players Association, MetLife, Cornell University and many more.

At FiveTownsPrinting we will focus on helping companies reaching the 5 Towns and Rockaway market. FiveTownsPrinting is a full-scale print shop and can provide a large variety of services including: Design and layout of brochures,creating logos and printing newsletters, books and custom calendars. FiveTownsPrinting can do any translation work as well as print in English and Hebrew. In addition, FiveTownsPrinting is a local company and can provide quick turnaround.

At FiveTownsPrinting there is an emphasis on customer satisfaction so they are open 6 days a week and you’ll always find a live person to talk to. Also, each customer will get the personalized attention their print job deserves. Visa, MC and Paypal are gladly accepted.